Peregrine Falcons in Woking

Grandma sent my parents a link to some peregrine falcons that are nesting in a big box on the tallest building in Woking.  She knew that we would like it because we love birds of prey and nature.  So far on the webcam, I have seen a mummy or daddy in the nest and some cute fluffy chicks cuddling each other in the corner.  Here is a screenshot from 6.30pm.

Woking Peregrines - Internet

This morning we think we saw a peregrine falcon swooping over the Bridge Barn as we walked to school.  I told my friend and my teacher and they both said there are no peregrine falcons in England so this proves I am right 🙂

Click here for a link to the perecam




Kids Quiz Trail – Goldsworth Lake

Daddy is running Reigate Half Marathon this morning with Auntie Helen so Mummy, me and Rhiannon needed an activity to do.  A couple of summers ago I did a fun treasure hunt around Winchester by Treasure Trails so we thought we’d make up one for children around Goldsworth Park Lake.  You can park in the Waitrose car park off Denton Way, GU21 3LG.  You will need to copy and paste these questions and print them out before you go.  Good luck!

Start at St Andrews Church.

  1. What time is the main Sunday service?

Take the left path past the coffee shop.

2. Look at the stone engraving by the coffee shop door. “What are you also”?

Continue left towards lake.

3. What is the Generation Centre used for?

4.  What’s the first bullet point rule on the Recreation Ground sign?

Go left

    5.  Look for the first lamppost on your left.  How must you cycle?

6.  Find the missing word on the next lamppost – “Food waste also attracts ……….. and causes a health hazard”.

Keep walking until the Dianthus building

7. Look at the blue cycle sign.  How many minutes to Sythwood Primary School?

8. Look at the last bench on your right before the playground.  Who is it in memory of?

9. How many swings can you see?

10.  What colour is the first bin after the playground?

Keep walking until you see the first path going off to the left but stay on the lake path.

   11. Look at the bench before the left path; What year was Steve Silk born in?

12. Look up at the next lamppost.  What is the fine for drinking alcohol here?

Keep walking until you see another blue cycle sign on a lamppost.

   13. How many minutes to the town centre?

Keep walking

14. What is the yellow cycle trail called?

Hooray!  You’ve finished.

Go left back towards to car park and treat yourself to a cake from Waitrose!

The answers are on my next blog.