Jellyfish Poem

One of my friends found a competition to write a poem about how amazing jellyfish are.  The prize was a national express train to the London Aquarium for the winner’s class.  Here is my poem.  I hope I win!


I met a lonely jellyfish swimming in the sea,

So I asked him if he’d like to come and talk to me.


He swam to me and told me about his tentacles that sting,

They protect him from predators. What a clever thing!


Once I found a jellyfish that was swept onto the sand,

It’s colour was pinky see through and it was bigger than my hand.


A group of jellyfish are called a bloom, a swarm or a smack.

They have no brain, no blood or nervous system or even have a back!


Jellyfish are not fish. They are often called Jellies.

They swim in the sea but don’t even have bellies!


Jellyfish are carnivores which means they eat meat,

Such as plankton and fish eggs. Oh what a treat!


The largest of the species is the Lion’s Mane.

The biggest found was over 2metres. Isn’t that insane?


He slowly said goodbye and swam into the sea,

I’m very lucky that he told these facts to me.