Original Source Shower Gels

2015-09-19 09.32.34

Daddy bought some fun fruit shower gels and we liked them so much he bought some more and now we have 14! So now we play a smelling guessing game when we have a shower. This makes my little sister have a wash when she’s moaning!  Here are 6 examples of the shower gels; blue ginger, blood orange, mango, strawberry, raspberry and liquorice.  I think they are ace and smell delicious. I think they are made with real fruit.  You really should try them.

You can buy them at Superdrug or go to ”BUY NOW” below each sold separately for only £1.16 each! (They are on offer at the moment and that is why Daddy bought them).



Ironman Wales, Tenby

Ironman is a tiring event where you swim 2.4 miles in the rough sea, cycle 112 miles and then run a marathon which is 26.2 miles.  Last Sunday my Daddy became an Ironman!  We saw him run to transition after the swim to get his bike and then we saw him go past. The cycle route went past Kiln Park where we stayed in our caravan.


This is me and my sister with the banners we made to cheer him.  We also had cowbells.

At Kiln Park there is an amusement arcade and I won loads of coins on one of the machines.  There was also a cool candyfloss machine so we were allowed some for a treat.  Click here to see the candyfloss machine

We saw Daddy zoom past on his bike and then we went into town and saw him run past doing the marathon.  He did 4 long laps! Each lap got lap bands and the colours were yellow, red, blue and green.  We stayed up very late at night to see him go through the finish line where we met Grandma and Grandad.  Then Daddy got his medal.


This is Daddy zooming past in Tenby

Click here to see a video of Daddy racing

My inventions

inside bin

One morning I made this pencil sharpening bin. When you sharpen a pencil you either sharpen the pencil straight into the bin or if it has got a pot on the bottom, when the pot is full you empty it into the bin.

envelopeAlso because I don’t like people coming in my room I made this no entry sign which I turn over when they can next come in and a envelope so they can tell me messages if I am not in my room.

All about me and my blog

Hello!  I am Mr T and I am 8 years old.  My favourite animals are giraffes and guinea pigs.  I have a puppet giraffe called George Geraldine Howard. I like to cuddle it in bed and sometimes he comes out for daytrips with me.

I was born on the 17th November 2007 and these are the people in my family; my little sister who is 5, my Mummy who is kind and my Daddy who is smelly but nice (I am giggling a lot writing this!).

This blog will tell you about interesting things I have been doing.  I hope you like reading it.

george at woburn

This is George meeting the giraffes at Woborn Safari Park.