Robin’s Christmas Life! A short story

Once upon a time, there lived a man. This man was a big old man with long rubbery legs. He had shoes the size of a clarinets bell! This man had a long brown beard and yellow hair sticking up on ends like he had been electrocuted! This man was always forlorn. He had a droopy looking face with wrinkles all over.

This man looks like he does now because he was a crazy scientist.

No obviously he wouldn’t be a crazy scientist at the age of 60-80! It is also not because he doesn’t wash because then I would be telling you the story of David Walliams Mr Stink!

I am sure you are wanting to know. This man hated Christmas and this man is called Robin. In fact Robin Wreath! No, this man wasn’t born near Heathrow; his surname is Wreath like the decoration you put on your door in December.

Robin hated Christmas sooo much he would do these 10 things:

  1. Eat sausage and mash instead of Christmas Dinner
  2. Burn his presents and cards including money on the bonfire
  3. Locks himself up on Christmas day
  4. Doesn’t have an advent calendar
  5. Does not have an elf on the shelf
  6. Does not write to Santa
  7. Does not watch films
  8. Does not go on national trust trails
  9. Does not sing carols
  10. Says sheep bumblebee (bah humbug!)

As you can see he is very boring and grumpy when it comes to Christmas. “As soon as it’s the first day of Christmas I will burn my cards!”. When Christmas is over everyone talks about what they did and Robin says “I ate sausage and mash then locked myself in a cupboard.” I know he would say that *BORING* thing every year!

Other people would find him fascinating missing Christingle, church, presents and family.

Well I suppose that is all for you to read now this Christmas. Read the series!

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