Cub Camp

A few weekends ago I went on my first cub camp and it was really fun.

My daddy dropped me off at Bear Rails scout campsite near Windsor. First we had to do the flag then put up our tents. I was sharing with Freddie. It was quite easy to put our tent up as Freddie knew how to do it. Once our tent was up we put our roll mats and sleeping bags down so they were ready for bedtime. Then we got changed out of our uniform ready to play some games.

We played manhunt, it, football and climbed some trees. Once we had played some games we gathered round the flag and had to get ourselves into age order. Then Baloo put the smallest person with the oldest person and worked her way into the middle. I was with Daniel G. Then we had to get our neatly packed cooking set and get the things we needed which were a large pan, a drainer with a big hole in the middle and a handle so we could hold the hot dishes. Then we had to pour some cold water into the large pan, get the gas dish with the oils in then light it. We had to put the water tub on and the lid. Once the water was hot we could put our frankfurters in. When they were cooked we put them in a bun, squirted lots of ketchup on and ate them. Yum!

Once we had eaten and washed up it was dark so we got out our torches and played cops and robbers around the campsite. It was like hide and seek in the dark.

After this we were all worn out so we put our pyjamas on, had a hot chocolate, brushed our teeth and went to bed.

We talked for a bit before going to sleep.

When we woke up it was VERY early so Freddie and I played top trumps and chatted before it was time to get up. When we could come out of our tents we played games and climbed trees whilst akela cooked breakfast. For breakfast we had cereal, bacon sandwiches and pancakes.  Once we had eaten we had to get out tent tidy ready for a kit inspection. Freddie and I came second.

We were going on a walk that day and we had to make our pack lunch. I made some ham and cheese rolls. Whilst I was making it daddy arrived, he was helping that day.  Our walk was 5 miles we walked to the Oblisk in Windsor Great Park. On the way we saw lots of horses and a polo match. When we stopped for lunch we got to climb lots of trees. Inside one of the trees it looked like Harry Potter land. Robbie climbed really high and I jumped off onto a helipad I had made.

On the way back we had to look for things that began with every letter of the alphabet. I found a bone from a dead animal! There was a massive herd of deer that we had to walk through. Everyone was carrying sticks and we think that made them run away.


Once we had finished our walk we had a drink and some biscuits then some free time to play. I climbed some trees also a funny basketball game where you wear the basket on your head.20160521_160333

For tea we had a delicious spaghetti Bolognese that Akela and Balloo cooked. Daddy helped a bit too. We had our dishes and then played rounders. I scored a home run.


Whilst we were playing rounders some of the dads lit a camp fire for us. So when we had finished we got our torches and camp fire blankets and went and sat round the fire. The fire was really hot and we sang lots of songs like ‘ham and eggs’. When the flames had died down we toasted marshmallows. Some people were setting fire to theirs!

After the fire daddy went home. We were a bit worried as the deer were closer to our tents but by the time we had finished our hot chocolate they had gone.

We did the same routine as the night before then went to bed. In the we morning we got up later. We had sausages for breakfast with cereal and eggy bread and beans.

After breakfast we walked to a statue of a horse. Then when we got back we made catapults. First we got five canes of bamboo, some string, a ping pong ball, elastic bands and a plastic cup. We had to do some special knots which I was really good at around two of the canes. With the other string you had to do a different knot around the other canes. Then using the three canes you had to make one shorter than the other by pushing it down and make them into a triangle shape. Then you put the two canes on top of the three canes and do another knot. Then we had to attach the elastic bands one on each side to the plastic cup the twist the top two canes around. Put the ball into the cup and let go when you are ready to fire. I was really good at it but you had to be careful as sometimes the cups got broken.

After this we had to take the inside of our tent out to dry while we had lunch.  When we took the inside out we saw Freddie had been sleeping on deer poo!  After lunch we had to take the rest of our tent down and pack it away.

We did the flag and I got to lower it. Then my mummy and daddy came came to pick me up. When Rhiannon saw me she gave me a massive hug.

I had a brilliant time and can’t wait for the next one.


6 thoughts on “Cub Camp”

  1. What a fabulous time you had at Cub Camp. From your description of the activities, you obviously enjoyed all the various activities and you must have climbed lots of trees. I expect you are now looking forward to your next camp but make sure you don’t put your tent up on any deer droppings!

    Love Granny


  2. I did climb loads of trees I climbed some where they were slanting and I climbed up on so high I couldn’t climb any higher! I cant help putting my tent up on deer droppings because when I put the tent up so its not on the deer droppings its on a hill and if its on a hill then you will roll all over the place. Also there are deer droppings everywhere so you cant put your tent not ond deer droppings!

    From Tristan


  3. Wow Tristan what a super time you had at Cub Camp. You certainly had a fun time and learnt so much as well. I am very impressed that you and Freddie came 2nd in the kit inspection, well done! It certainly sounded extremely well organised and a Big Well Done to Akela, Baloo and the parent helpers for all the planning, shopping and energy they put into it to make it such a huge success. A big well done to you too for writing such an interesting Blog.

    With Love Grandma


  4. Well done Mr T, you obviously had smashing time. You did very well in the various activities. It made think back all those years to when I took your daddy to his first cub camp at Walton Firs.


    Love from


  5. Well done Mr T, you obviously had a smashing time at your camp. You did very well at your various activities. It made me think back to all those years ago to when I took your daddy to his first cub camp at Walton Firs.


    Love from


  6. Well done Mr T. You obviously had a super time at your camp. You did very well at the various activities. It made me think back to all those years ago when I took your Daddy to his first Cub Camp at Walton Firs.

    DYB DYB.

    Love Grandad


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