Peregrine Falcons in Woking

Grandma sent my parents a link to some peregrine falcons that are nesting in a big box on the tallest building in Woking.  She knew that we would like it because we love birds of prey and nature.  So far on the webcam, I have seen a mummy or daddy in the nest and some cute fluffy chicks cuddling each other in the corner.  Here is a screenshot from 6.30pm.

Woking Peregrines - Internet

This morning we think we saw a peregrine falcon swooping over the Bridge Barn as we walked to school.  I told my friend and my teacher and they both said there are no peregrine falcons in England so this proves I am right 🙂

Click here for a link to the perecam




6 thoughts on “Peregrine Falcons in Woking”

  1. That is interesting news, Tristan. You know how much I love identifying birds and I am sure I once saw a peregrine falcon swooping down very quickly to catch its prey. There are also peregrines nesting on the spire of Salisbury Cathedral and also in Bath. Keep up your interest in wildlife of all kinds. Yesterday Grandpa and I saw a red kite soaring above our house in Cricklade. I could see the patterns on the underside of its wings and also its forked tail. We’ll have to look out for it when you next visit us.

    Love Granny xx


    1. We often see the patterns of the RED KITE on the way to your house. You can also see the yellowy patterns on the Falcons on the webcam. I hope you enjoy the webcam. 🙂
      Ps:there will be another one on my cub camp soon as it is this weekend.


      1. Tristan – if you are going to sneak out of bed to get the ipad to watch the peregrine falcons after you’ve been put to bed, its best if you don’t comment on your blog! By posting a reply to Granny I’ve caught you out!!

        I was a bit confused at first, as it looks as if this was posted quite early, but you seem to have the timezone set wrong on your blog (that means it look as if you wrote your reply earlier than you did). However, it didn’t take me long to find the ipad hidden under your pillow! Very sneaky but you must go to sleep or you’ll be too tired for cub camp tomorrow!!

        I will put the ipad back in your room later so you can look at them in the morning when you wake up! Perhaps they will be having breakfast!!

        Love Daddy!

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  2. Tristan, like you I have been watching the Falcons on the web cam and am finding it so interesting. Fortunately when I have been watching and one of the parents fly in with the next meal they land with their back to the camera. Then I haven’t actually seen the poor little animal being dismembered and fed to the chicks. I just see little pieces of it being passed into the their mouths. Their nest is beginning to look pretty messy now. I wonder how long it will be before the chicks leave it. I have been so busy the last couple of days I haven’t seen the chicks so Thank you for your blog, it has reminded me to have a look. I bet I will see a difference in their size!

    Have a great time at camp and I will look forward to reading your blog about it.

    Love Grandma xx


    1. You can see the chicks hiding in the corner in the picture they are those white blobs. I haven’t even seen the mummy feeding them. Mum said people will go in when the chicks are out flying with their mum to clean them out but there is still one in there.


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