Highwire at Hobbledown

A couple of days ago I went to Hobbledown with my cousins.  There is a highwire course where you have to go on small boards and across wobbly bridges very high up.  I haven’t done anything like it before because I was too worried about falling or the rope snapping.  My cousin, Lucy, had been on it before so I knew she’d look after me.  For the first go she went first to show me what to do and on each platform she waited for me to get across.  I liked it a lot so we went on it 6 times in a row before lunch!

While we were doing the course the little ones, because they were too short, were bouncing on the bouncy pillows!  They both cheered us on.

After lunch Mummy and Auntie Helen went on it and they were SO SCARED!  They were very funny and kept hugging the posts so they didn’t fall off.  The course goes past the play equipment and there is window near the highwire ropes.  When we went past Rhiannon and Ben were sitting in there saying hello to us through the mesh!

I hope we can go again one day.


6 thoughts on “Highwire at Hobbledown”

  1. Well done Tristan. It is always good to try new things to see if you like them or not. You were very brave and I’m glad you found it good fun 🙂 I hope we can go again some time!


  2. Well done Tristan for overcoming your fear of heights. From looking at your photographs it looks like a lot of fun. Did you scream when you were very high up on those wires? I am glad you enjoyed your day there.

    Love Granny xx


  3. This made me laugh out loud- especially the bit about your mummy and I being scared and holding on to the tree posts!
    Glad you liked it. Next time I have some vouchers I will let your mummy and daddy know. See you soon! Love auntie Helen. Xx

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  4. Wowzers Tristan you and Lucy were so brave! It looks quite scary up there! I bet you can’t wait to go again. Rhiannon and Ben look so cute peeping out from the basket. Mummy and Auntie Helen don’t look too happy but full credit to them for having a go. Love Grandma. Xx


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