Haribo Marathoon!

Last week we went to Paris because my daddy was running the Paris marathon.  On the Saturday there was a kids race and it was sponsored by haribo.  At the race you had a to get a red t-shirt and a blue hat and then you had to wait around for ages until it was time to start.  I was in the 2nd race for 8-10year old and we had to run 2.2km which is just a little bit further than Junior parkrun.  My route went right up towards to the Eifel tower.  My little sister ran in the 5-7year old race and Mummy did it with her.  She had to run less than me.

At the end there was the haribo bear character doing highfives and it raced other children as they went through the line.  Then we had to walk up to get a medal and a bag of breakfast which was basically a banana, an orange juice, a cake, waffle thing and a bag of haribos!

On the Sunday it was time for daddy’s race.  He had been injured for 4 weeks before so we didn’t know how fast he would be.  We got lost trying to find where the runners were so we had to ask some French people for directions and then we heard the sound of big booms in the distance.  We guessed they were drummers so we followed the sound.  Eventually my sister spotted runners through some trees and we managed to find a place to watch.  There was anice lady next to us who was French but she had very good English.  Her husband was meant to be running but he was injured too.  Daddy soon came past and finished in 3hrs 25minutes which is slow for him, but very good because he tried his best.



9 thoughts on “Haribo Marathoon!”

  1. I enjoyed reading about your marathoon in Paris and pleased to hear that you and Rhiannon both completed the races for your age groups. I wonder if you were the only English children taking part? Did you manage to speak some French with other runners? One day I would like to see you taking part in a big race or a parkrun. Keep on running!

    Lots of love, Granny


    1. I’m really looking forward to seeing you and Rhiannon on Friday. I shall be waiting for you at school when the bell goes for the end of the day. I hope the sun will be shining so we can go out and about in Cricklade.


  2. Bonjour Tristan, Congratulations on coming 2nd in your race, you must have felt very proud of yourself and quite rightly so! Well done to Rhiannon and Mummy for completing their race. Daddy did very well considering he had been unable to train due to his injury. Where are you going to display all your medals as the shelf in your dining room looks pretty full! I hope Bramble & Smartie didn’t miss you too much and behaved themselves for all of your friends. Well done again. Love Grandma xx


    1. I didn’t say that I came 2nd, but I said that I was in the 2nd race.
      The weird thing is that the website said that the 8 to 10 year olds was 1st.
      Love you from Tristan and George
      Ovawa 🖐🏻👱🏻👵🏼


      1. Silly Old Grandma! I am so used to you doing well in your races and various activities that I read it incorrectly and jumped to the wrong conclusion!! Anyway, a BIG well done for taking part and finishing the run! Love Grandma xx


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