Weekend Away

For his 40th birthday, my daddy flew to Boston to run the marathon. My mum wanted a bit of peace so we went to granny and grandpas. Granny picked us up on Friday and drove us back to Cricklade.Grandpa could not pick us up because he was at a bus museum. We had fish and chips for tea. On Saturday it was wet, cold and horrible outside so we went to our favourite shop wich is home bargins. At this shop  we could buy whatever we wanted.

So we searched high ad low all over the shelves and I found a LETS PLAY puppet theatre.  We did lots of puppet shows.  Grandpa came back in the evening and we showed him one of the shows.  Then Mummy picked us up the next day and we showed her a show too.  I don’t have any photos to show you.  But I do have photos of Daddy.


Highwire at Hobbledown

A couple of days ago I went to Hobbledown with my cousins.  There is a highwire course where you have to go on small boards and across wobbly bridges very high up.  I haven’t done anything like it before because I was too worried about falling or the rope snapping.  My cousin, Lucy, had been on it before so I knew she’d look after me.  For the first go she went first to show me what to do and on each platform she waited for me to get across.  I liked it a lot so we went on it 6 times in a row before lunch!

While we were doing the course the little ones, because they were too short, were bouncing on the bouncy pillows!  They both cheered us on.

After lunch Mummy and Auntie Helen went on it and they were SO SCARED!  They were very funny and kept hugging the posts so they didn’t fall off.  The course goes past the play equipment and there is window near the highwire ropes.  When we went past Rhiannon and Ben were sitting in there saying hello to us through the mesh!

I hope we can go again one day.

Haribo Marathoon!

Last week we went to Paris because my daddy was running the Paris marathon.  On the Saturday there was a kids race and it was sponsored by haribo.  At the race you had a to get a red t-shirt and a blue hat and then you had to wait around for ages until it was time to start.  I was in the 2nd race for 8-10year old and we had to run 2.2km which is just a little bit further than Junior parkrun.  My route went right up towards to the Eifel tower.  My little sister ran in the 5-7year old race and Mummy did it with her.  She had to run less than me.

At the end there was the haribo bear character doing highfives and it raced other children as they went through the line.  Then we had to walk up to get a medal and a bag of breakfast which was basically a banana, an orange juice, a cake, waffle thing and a bag of haribos!

On the Sunday it was time for daddy’s race.  He had been injured for 4 weeks before so we didn’t know how fast he would be.  We got lost trying to find where the runners were so we had to ask some French people for directions and then we heard the sound of big booms in the distance.  We guessed they were drummers so we followed the sound.  Eventually my sister spotted runners through some trees and we managed to find a place to watch.  There was anice lady next to us who was French but she had very good English.  Her husband was meant to be running but he was injured too.  Daddy soon came past and finished in 3hrs 25minutes which is slow for him, but very good because he tried his best.