My Junior Parkrun Reward

I have done 11 junior parkruns which equals a half marathon distance.  I was presented with a special wristband.  My sister got hers too. Junior parkrun is 2k and my pb is 10.25.  I have also recently done an adult parkrun with daddy.  I did very well and did 5k in 30.13.  My legs ached afterwards (but at least I ran it quicker than mummy can!)



9 thoughts on “My Junior Parkrun Reward”

  1. Well done Tristan. You and Rhiannon have done very well to complete over 11 junior Parkruns and deserve your awards. I don’t think I could run as far as you. I liked seeing the photographs you included in your blog as you looked very pleased with this achievement.

    Lots of love, Granny


    1. George is my puppet giraffe have a look at the first post I did
      Tristan and George
      Georges actual name is Georgina but we call him George for short also he likes being called George


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