Discover Archery

A few weeks ago at cubs, two people from Discover Archery came to visit.  We learned how to do archery.  We did some different tests such as shooting arrows into goals, shooting at discs and into bins.  Each activity was worth points and at the end they said that because I got the most points I was the winner.  My prize was the Cub of the Week trophy which I have already had before.  I even beat yr6s at archery and I am only yr3!

Here is a link to the website


4 thoughts on “Discover Archery”

  1. When Daddy was in the cubs, there was some canoeing and someone who tried that won an Olympic Gold Medal! Perhaps you will be an Olympic Archer.

    Well done Tristan!!

    Love fom Grandad.


  2. Hi Tristan, it was great seeing you yesterday. After our discussion about my comments not being received I thought I would have another attempt! Anyway well done on you success in the archery activity. It is good to try new things, you may discover something that you would really like to get involved in and end up winning a Gold Medal. We would all be so proud you, but most of all you would be so proud of yourself!! Love Grandma


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