My Guinea Pigs

I have got two guinea pigs called Brambel and Smarty. Smarty is pale orange with a white patch on her head and nose. Brambel is black and white with a orange patch on her head.

Their favourite food is lettuce, coriander and parsley. Each day we give them a variety of food like lettuce, coriander, parsley, apple and carrot. Cutely, each day they squeak really  loudly for food. They come up to the fence to be fed from hand.

Smarty always steals food off of Brambel because she is still very scared when we pick her up, feed her or she hears loud sounds.

Here are some video clips of them exploring

fresh grass

Bramble in her maze

Washing line lettuce


3 thoughts on “My Guinea Pigs”

  1. …and every night when you are in bed, I take them a heat pad out to keep them warm until morning when you take them their food and change their hay. I’m very proud of the way you look after them each day. Well done 🙂

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