The Magic Cloud

Chapter 1

Billy finds a magic cloud

One cold cloudy summer’s day, there lived a poor little 7 year old boy called Billy William the 4th. Sadly, Billy lived with his father in an old gloomy cottage because his mother died from the plague. Billy was very lonely because he had no brothers or sisters to play with. One day he was walking through Horsell Common to look for fire wood for his father when he saw a battered old newspaper under some twigs and leaves.  He bent to pick it up and saw the headline of “STOLEN NECKLACE” and a photograph of a pretty girl wearing it.  He suddenly got distracted by a cloud soaring across the sky.  He noticed that this cloud was no ordinary cloud… it was a magic cloud!

Chapter 2

Billy William the 4th catches the cloud

Billy decided to chase the cloud to see where it went, so he sprinted as fast as his little legs could carry him. He ran until the cloud stopped at a strange bush and shouted  “Guards open the secret bush gates!”  The cloud declared the guards to open the gates so loudly that the whole earth vibrated. Billy thought that there would be more clouds on the other side of the gates but there were not.  There were some deadly scorpions scuttling to greet the cloud back from its wild adventure and also some growling wolves. Billy could not believe the sight he saw of the shiny palace that had been revealed before him.  One of the wolves                                                                                                                             “Grrr hi Thomas, (for that was the name of the cloud) who is that HUMAN that you have brought back with you?

“Urh what human? I would never bring back any human,” Exclaimed Thomas                                                                          “Why do you have one behind you then?” replied the wolf                                                                                                              “Do I?”                                                                                                                                                                                                                  “YES!”                                                                                                                                                                                                          “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA guards GET ‘IM!” screamed Thomas

Chapter 3

Billy goes in the secret palace

The guards took Billy to an underground cellar in the palace which was basically a dungeon and was locked up in a cold gloomy place down there. Whenever Billy thought that they were going to let him out, they didn’t, so Billy felt very annoyed.

One hundred years later, Billy was still locked in the dungeon with the rats, mice, spiders and gooey piles of faeces and slimy urine. One night Billy heard a weird sound lurking round the room, which was very odd because he checked every part of the room he was in for other prisoners that the smelly guards had locked up. Luckily, he still had the torch his chubby father had given him in case it got dark. He turned his torch on and flashed it sharply round the room to see what the sound was. When he turned his torch off Billy heard some footsteps getting louder and… louder and… even louder!

“Oh no is it a Gruffalo!?”   Panicked Billy. It was not a brown, hungry, ugly, mighty Gruffalo. It was his father who had come to let him free. Billy was very pleased to see him!

Chapter 4

Hooray for Billy

Billy was very jubilant that night, because before he left he noticed that there was a sparkle under the floorboards so he whispered to his father

“Wait! Come and see this,” Billy could see a NECKLACE under the floor boards.

“This must be the stolen necklace from that girl the other day. It mentioned it in the paper last week!” exclaimed Billy.

“Billy you’re a genius. Go and show the police” ordered Billy’s father. Billy rushed to the police station to show them. They were most surprised to find a 7 year old boy to find this necklace.

“Do you know who stole the necklace? “Said the station officer.

“Yes it was the magic cloud.” Answered Billy.

“Thanks!” Shouted the police and did a little jig. That morning the whole village had a party Billy could live in the palace that the cloud and animals lived in because they were in prison, Billy and his father got very rich. They all lived happily ever after!





5 thoughts on “The Magic Cloud”

  1. Posted on behalf of Grandma…

    Wow Tristan what a fantastic story! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, infact so much so I had an idea. BBC Radio 2 are running a competition, it is for children aged between 5 and 13 to write a story up to 500 words. Perhaps Mummy or Daddy could look at the web site and find out more information for you. The closing date is this month sometime, after half term I expect. There are some great prizes and the winners get to meet The Duchess of Cornwall at the award ceremony! Get cracking! Love Grandma


  2. Hello Tristan

    What a very interesting story you have written. Was this a task you were given at school? If so, I am sure your teacher is very pleased with you.

    I agree with Grandma about the 500 word competition being organised by Radio 2 and the BBC. I think you write such excellent stories which they would also enjoy reading.

    Well done!
    Lots of love, Granny xx


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