My new Summerhouse!

I have wanted guinea pigs since I was 4 and I  have been saving up Christmas, birthday and other money for years.  I am 8 in a few weeks so Mummy and Daddy said I can have little piggies for my birthday.

We decided to get a summerhouse so the piggies can have a lot of space to run around even in winter when they can’t go outside in a run.  The first job we had to do was prepare the ground by pulling up old paving slabs and levelling it all off for the cement.  The cement came on a lorry whilst I was at school so I didn’t see that bit.

The summer house was delivered on a rusty lorry.  It took 30 minutes to unload all the planks of wood and then another 40 minutes to carry it into the garden.

IMG_2616_r IMG_2633_r IMG_2677_r IMG_2996_r

Daddy started building it himself plank by plank.  I made him a card to thank him because he spent 3 days building it for me.

Click here to see a video of it going up!


3 thoughts on “My new Summerhouse!”

  1. Hello Tristan
    I hope Bramble and Smartie are settling in and you are looking after them. I expect they are still a bit nervous and hide in their tunnel. Do you spend a lot of time in the piggie palace with them? Does Rhiannon want to help you all the time? I expect she lets you clean up their mess though! I am looking forward to seeing them when I come to Woking very soon.
    Lots of love
    Granny xxxxxxx


  2. Guinea Pigs! So cute! I wanted a guniea pig awhile ago, but now I have a little rabbit named Clementine. 🙂
    Wow! I bet you are very glad that your dad made them a summer house! I’m sure he loved the card too!!
    You are a great blogger. 😀


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