Inside the summerhouse

Before I bought my cute, little guinea pigs, I had to prepare the inside of their home.  Daddy and I had to put a special oil varnish all over the outside and floor to help protect the wood from rotting.IMG_3343_r A big job was making the fence to keep the guinea pigs in their area.  We weren’t getting a small hutch because they need lots of space to roam around and it’s also easier to clean out.  It is cruel to keep them in a cage, especially in winter when they can’t go outside on the grass.  The summerhouse is 10ft by 8ft and the piggies space is 3ft by 8ft so they have A LOT of room to popcorn in.

IMG_3336_r IMG_3354_r

We have chosen to use fleece because sawdust can go in their eyes and is dusty so they can’t breathe.  Mummy got cheap fleeces from Primark and Ikea.  Granny gave me lots of old towels to go under the fleece.  Under the towels is newspaper.  Daddy made two pigloos and the lids are good because they come off so we can sweep inside easily.

My next blog post will be about getting my guinea pigs.  I will try and write it on Wednesday.


My new Summerhouse!

I have wanted guinea pigs since I was 4 and I  have been saving up Christmas, birthday and other money for years.  I am 8 in a few weeks so Mummy and Daddy said I can have little piggies for my birthday.

We decided to get a summerhouse so the piggies can have a lot of space to run around even in winter when they can’t go outside in a run.  The first job we had to do was prepare the ground by pulling up old paving slabs and levelling it all off for the cement.  The cement came on a lorry whilst I was at school so I didn’t see that bit.

The summer house was delivered on a rusty lorry.  It took 30 minutes to unload all the planks of wood and then another 40 minutes to carry it into the garden.

IMG_2616_r IMG_2633_r IMG_2677_r IMG_2996_r

Daddy started building it himself plank by plank.  I made him a card to thank him because he spent 3 days building it for me.

Click here to see a video of it going up!