my halloween party


I had a spooky halloweeeeen party at my house.  This is the costume I wore! We invited Dylan, Nia, Ali, Neil, Harriet, Elsie, Louise, Neil, Becky, Mike, Dominic, Jacob, Edward, Vicky, Steve, Ben and Eleanor.  We did lots of activities like bingo, spooky Halloween scrap books and made a haunted house picture.


Before the party started, Dylan and I played Minecraft on the ipad.  Dylan wore a green and red mask and a green cape.


We had a party tea and I had chicken nuggets and baked beans.  My sister had sausages and chips.  For pudding we had green slimy wobbly jelly.  Jacob mixed his chocolate cake, icecream and jelly altogether so it looked yucky!  We all laughed.  After the children at eaten we played bingo and then it was time for the disgusting devil grown ups to eat.

IMG_2960We had lots of funnnnnnnnn!  🙂


3 thoughts on “my halloween party”

  1. Oooooooooo Tristan

    Well it looks like you had great fun at your spooky party. I think you looked very scary and I would not have liked to eat Jacob’s concoction !
    Did you taste it? Who is in the photograph with you – they would have made me scream!

    Love Granny

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