Terrific Tristan and his brilliant Blue Peter badge!


I was very excited last week when I was sorting the post because I normally find things addressed to Daddy, but last week there was something for me with a lump inside.  I excitedly opened the envelope to see what is was….. it was a BLUE PETER BADGE!!!!!  Here is a bit of the letter they sent me.

2015-10-05 16.28.01

Back in July, I planned a Summer Fayre in my garden to raise money for my Granny and friend Sam.  Granny has amyloidosis (Mummy spelt that for me!) and Sam has leukaemia. I did lots of stalls and got fantastic raffle prizes by sending off letters to different companies.  I raised £716!!

fayre collage

I sold raffle tickets to my Beaver group called the Horsell Trailblazers and my leader, Electra, was very kind and gave me a special beaver badge.  Below is an article all about me that has been sent out on the latest beaver newsletter 🙂 I am feeling quite proud of myself.



7 thoughts on “Terrific Tristan and his brilliant Blue Peter badge!”

  1. Hi Tristan
    I was so pleased to see that you have received a Blue Peter badge in recognition of the hard work you put into your charity event. The amount of money you raised was brilliant and I think you really deserved your badge. You make me a very proud Granny xxx


    1. WOW – I always wanted a Blue Peter badge and never got one so you have done really well to be awarded it, justly deserved for your hard work. Well done – you should now wear it with pride.


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