HG Wells Martian Tripod

For my Woking Project homework we had to make, write or draw a picture of something in Woking.  I decided to make the Martian Tripod out of papier mache and pipes.  This famous sculpture was built in 1998 by Michael Condron. It was designed for Woking because HG Wells, who wrote ‘War of the Worlds’, lived here in Maybury Hill. In his book, the martians landed on Horsell Common. Did you know the tripod is 7 metres high? There is also a pod nearby that crash landed from Mars.


This is how it looks now it is finished.  If you would like to make one the instructions are below.

You will need: pipes, hot chocolate tub, 2 yoghurt pots, straws, cardboard, sellotape, flour, boiling water, paint and foil.

  1. First cut 3 sections of pipe the height you want it to be, plus a smaller bit to make the bent leg.
  2. Sellotape it all down to a piece of big strong cardboard.
  3. Make a papier mache paste by mixing 1 cup of flour with 3 cups of boilng water.
  4. Rip up bits of old newspaper and wipe the paste over the paper to stick onto your legs – be very careful as it can easily fall over.
  5. Cover the legs with papier mache and use it to stick a cardboard base on top
  6. Next start on the pod by getting an empty hot chocolate tub and selloptaing yoghurt pots to both ends
  7. Cover in at least 2 layers of papier mache to strengthen it and leave overnight to go hard.
  8. The next day put more papier mache all over and stick foil on to look like steel.
  9. Use silver paint to cover the cardboard base.
  10. Cover 2 straws in silver foil and bend them to look like tentacles
  11. When you’re happy with it, stick it together with superglue.
  12. If you want the stone, copy and paste it from Google images.

How to make the pod on the ground –

  1. Cut out a semi circle the size you want it to be using thick cardboard – make 3 of these.
  2. Cut out 3 slightly smaller semi circles and stick them on and keep going until it looks like the real thing.  I used a photograph to get the correct brick colours.
  3. Cut a straw into several small parts and stick them together in a bundle with sellotape and then wrap in papier mache and foil to make the screwing bit on the pod.

Happy making!!

Click here to see a little video of me making my model.  I hope you like it.


2 thoughts on “HG Wells Martian Tripod”

  1. Fabulous Tristan and George – Next time I visit Woking I will have to visit the real sculpture to see if the one you have made is a good replica. Keep up the good work – I hope that George is not covered in glue!


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