The Ball of Paper Poem

Yesterday afternoon I went to a special poetry group with children from other classes in the school.  We had to write a poem about Summer to enter into a competition.  To warm up we screwed up a bit of paper and we made up a descriptive poem about what the ball might be – below is my version that I wrote in bed last night.

2015-09-24 17.06.08

A small snail shell as black as can be crawled across the floor,

A cold iceberg floated across the snowy arctic,

A red cricket ball was thrown from a powerful bowler,

A canon ball shot from a cannon at extremely high speed,

A juicy red apple that has fallen from the tree onto the dewy wet grass,

A big fluffy cloud floating across the blue sky,

The world is moving as slow as a slug,

A yellow tennis ball is flying across the court at Wimbledon,

A small baby sheep lying in the lush green grass.


6 thoughts on “The Ball of Paper Poem”

  1. Wow Tristan! I am so please you have used our idea and written a fantastic poem.
    I hope you won’t mind if I add this to our school Poem Blog.

    Keep writing, I can’t wait to see more 🙂

    Miss Harbridge


  2. I really enjoyed reading your poem and noticed you used some descriptive adjectives and also alliteration. Do you know what alliteration means or did it just happen? I enjoy your blogs very much and look forward to reading the next one.
    Lots of love, Granny


  3. Wow Tristan, how very imaginative of you to think up so may ideas and then to give each one such a good description. Well done you!! Good luck in the competition! Love Grandma


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