The Ball of Paper Poem

Yesterday afternoon I went to a special poetry group with children from other classes in the school.  We had to write a poem about Summer to enter into a competition.  To warm up we screwed up a bit of paper and we made up a descriptive poem about what the ball might be – below is my version that I wrote in bed last night.

2015-09-24 17.06.08

A small snail shell as black as can be crawled across the floor,

A cold iceberg floated across the snowy arctic,

A red cricket ball was thrown from a powerful bowler,

A canon ball shot from a cannon at extremely high speed,

A juicy red apple that has fallen from the tree onto the dewy wet grass,

A big fluffy cloud floating across the blue sky,

The world is moving as slow as a slug,

A yellow tennis ball is flying across the court at Wimbledon,

A small baby sheep lying in the lush green grass.

Kids Quiz Trail – Goldsworth Lake

Daddy is running Reigate Half Marathon this morning with Auntie Helen so Mummy, me and Rhiannon needed an activity to do.  A couple of summers ago I did a fun treasure hunt around Winchester by Treasure Trails so we thought we’d make up one for children around Goldsworth Park Lake.  You can park in the Waitrose car park off Denton Way, GU21 3LG.  You will need to copy and paste these questions and print them out before you go.  Good luck!

Start at St Andrews Church.

  1. What time is the main Sunday service?

Take the left path past the coffee shop.

2. Look at the stone engraving by the coffee shop door. “What are you also”?

Continue left towards lake.

3. What is the Generation Centre used for?

4.  What’s the first bullet point rule on the Recreation Ground sign?

Go left

    5.  Look for the first lamppost on your left.  How must you cycle?

6.  Find the missing word on the next lamppost – “Food waste also attracts ……….. and causes a health hazard”.

Keep walking until the Dianthus building

7. Look at the blue cycle sign.  How many minutes to Sythwood Primary School?

8. Look at the last bench on your right before the playground.  Who is it in memory of?

9. How many swings can you see?

10.  What colour is the first bin after the playground?

Keep walking until you see the first path going off to the left but stay on the lake path.

   11. Look at the bench before the left path; What year was Steve Silk born in?

12. Look up at the next lamppost.  What is the fine for drinking alcohol here?

Keep walking until you see another blue cycle sign on a lamppost.

   13. How many minutes to the town centre?

Keep walking

14. What is the yellow cycle trail called?

Hooray!  You’ve finished.

Go left back towards to car park and treat yourself to a cake from Waitrose!

The answers are on my next blog.

Original Source Shower Gels

2015-09-19 09.32.34

Daddy bought some fun fruit shower gels and we liked them so much he bought some more and now we have 14! So now we play a smelling guessing game when we have a shower. This makes my little sister have a wash when she’s moaning!  Here are 6 examples of the shower gels; blue ginger, blood orange, mango, strawberry, raspberry and liquorice.  I think they are ace and smell delicious. I think they are made with real fruit.  You really should try them.

You can buy them at Superdrug or go to ”BUY NOW” below each sold separately for only £1.16 each! (They are on offer at the moment and that is why Daddy bought them).


Ironman Wales, Tenby

Ironman is a tiring event where you swim 2.4 miles in the rough sea, cycle 112 miles and then run a marathon which is 26.2 miles.  Last Sunday my Daddy became an Ironman!  We saw him run to transition after the swim to get his bike and then we saw him go past. The cycle route went past Kiln Park where we stayed in our caravan.


This is me and my sister with the banners we made to cheer him.  We also had cowbells.

At Kiln Park there is an amusement arcade and I won loads of coins on one of the machines.  There was also a cool candyfloss machine so we were allowed some for a treat.  Click here to see the candyfloss machine

We saw Daddy zoom past on his bike and then we went into town and saw him run past doing the marathon.  He did 4 long laps! Each lap got lap bands and the colours were yellow, red, blue and green.  We stayed up very late at night to see him go through the finish line where we met Grandma and Grandad.  Then Daddy got his medal.


This is Daddy zooming past in Tenby

Click here to see a video of Daddy racing