Don’t forget the face scrub!

One chilly winters morning the wind blew strong and the trees danced in the breeze. There was ice on the cars and everyone who was inside their houses shivered. Old Mrs James, with a face as wrinkled as a raisin called to her Grandson, “Tommy, as you are such a nice boy will you go out to the shops for me? I need you to get me 4 fairy cakes and a warm woollen hat. I need to get more firewood so need 10 chunky logs and don’t forget the face scrub!”


Little Tommy was a delightful boy who always did his best to look after his elderly Grandma.  He worked hard at school because his ambition was to be a vet.  He absolutely loved animals, but sadly his Grandmother didn’t share his passion.  There was another issue with Tommy; he was very forgetful! He rushed off with a shopping bag keen to buy all the items on his list.  “What do I need?” he thought to himself, “4 fairy cakes, a warm woolen hat, 10 chunky logs and I mustn’t forget the face scrub!”


Tommy began to approach a busy road. He knew his green cross code so he looked left and right to see if there were any cars. There were 3, but they were skidding all over the place because the road was as icy as a skating rink! During this distraction he repeated his Grandma’s list – “4 stripy snakes , a warm woolen hat 10 chunky logs and I mustn’t forget the face scrub!”


He crossed the road and felt a bump on his head. It was an acorn thrown by a mean, grey squirrel who was hiding in an overhanging tree. Reminding himself of the list again, he carried on to the shops – “4 stripy snakes, a black fluffy cat, 10 chunky logs and I mustn’t forget the face scrub!”


Tommy carried on his walk to the shop when he stumbled across a small red glove on the pavement ahead of him.  He looked around to find the owner of the glove, after all it was a very cold day and he thought it may belong to a younger child.  Suddenly he heard crying so he assumed it could be the owner of the lost glove.  Sure enough, before him was a mother with a bawling toddler.  Tommy quickly returned the glove and went on his way – “4 stripy snakes, a black fluffy cat, 10 yappy dogs and I mustn’t forget the face scrub!”


Tommy hurried on from his kind deed and spotted his favourite thing in the whole world – a pet shop!  He ran up in excitement accidentally slipping on some ice.  He got up carefully trying not to slip again and repeated his shopping list one final time – “4 stripy snakes, a black fluffy cat, 10 yappy dogs and a cute lion cub!”  and with a puzzled look on his face, that is exactly what he asked the pet shop owner for!  


Poor Grandma!

Digital Champion

Today at school Mr May came in to our classroom to tell us about Digital Champions.  They help update areas of the school website, blog, test brand new ICT resources, share skills, set up ICT equipment for teachers and support classes.

I would really love to do it as I love ICT and I can use coding programs like Scratch.  I use powerpoint a lot at home and here is an interactive quiz that I have up which I did myself with no help from any adult.

QUIZ OF THE MONTH!!!. best quiz ever hp ds and loads more fun questions! 

Click the above link to see when I was Kid Star Blog of the Week when I was in Year Three.



SMART are 5 really easy e safety rules that you can follow to stay safe on the internet.




This is a printscreen of my beaver presentation about geocaching and you can see me with the GPS and me finding a geocache!

Click the above link to read my park run report.  I also processed the results on the computer.


I really hope I get chosen to be a digital champion!

Jellyfish Poem

One of my friends found a competition to write a poem about how amazing jellyfish are.  The prize was a national express train to the London Aquarium for the winner’s class.  Here is my poem.  I hope I win!


I met a lonely jellyfish swimming in the sea,

So I asked him if he’d like to come and talk to me.


He swam to me and told me about his tentacles that sting,

They protect him from predators. What a clever thing!


Once I found a jellyfish that was swept onto the sand,

It’s colour was pinky see through and it was bigger than my hand.


A group of jellyfish are called a bloom, a swarm or a smack.

They have no brain, no blood or nervous system or even have a back!


Jellyfish are not fish. They are often called Jellies.

They swim in the sea but don’t even have bellies!


Jellyfish are carnivores which means they eat meat,

Such as plankton and fish eggs. Oh what a treat!


The largest of the species is the Lion’s Mane.

The biggest found was over 2metres. Isn’t that insane?


He slowly said goodbye and swam into the sea,

I’m very lucky that he told these facts to me.



Robin’s Christmas Life! A short story

Once upon a time, there lived a man. This man was a big old man with long rubbery legs. He had shoes the size of a clarinets bell! This man had a long brown beard and yellow hair sticking up on ends like he had been electrocuted! This man was always forlorn. He had a droopy looking face with wrinkles all over.

This man looks like he does now because he was a crazy scientist.

No obviously he wouldn’t be a crazy scientist at the age of 60-80! It is also not because he doesn’t wash because then I would be telling you the story of David Walliams Mr Stink!

I am sure you are wanting to know. This man hated Christmas and this man is called Robin. In fact Robin Wreath! No, this man wasn’t born near Heathrow; his surname is Wreath like the decoration you put on your door in December.

Robin hated Christmas sooo much he would do these 10 things:

  1. Eat sausage and mash instead of Christmas Dinner
  2. Burn his presents and cards including money on the bonfire
  3. Locks himself up on Christmas day
  4. Doesn’t have an advent calendar
  5. Does not have an elf on the shelf
  6. Does not write to Santa
  7. Does not watch films
  8. Does not go on national trust trails
  9. Does not sing carols
  10. Says sheep bumblebee (bah humbug!)

As you can see he is very boring and grumpy when it comes to Christmas. “As soon as it’s the first day of Christmas I will burn my cards!”. When Christmas is over everyone talks about what they did and Robin says “I ate sausage and mash then locked myself in a cupboard.” I know he would say that *BORING* thing every year!

Other people would find him fascinating missing Christingle, church, presents and family.

Well I suppose that is all for you to read now this Christmas. Read the series!



Cub Camp

A few weekends ago I went on my first cub camp and it was really fun.

My daddy dropped me off at Bear Rails scout campsite near Windsor. First we had to do the flag then put up our tents. I was sharing with Freddie. It was quite easy to put our tent up as Freddie knew how to do it. Once our tent was up we put our roll mats and sleeping bags down so they were ready for bedtime. Then we got changed out of our uniform ready to play some games.

We played manhunt, it, football and climbed some trees. Once we had played some games we gathered round the flag and had to get ourselves into age order. Then Baloo put the smallest person with the oldest person and worked her way into the middle. I was with Daniel G. Then we had to get our neatly packed cooking set and get the things we needed which were a large pan, a drainer with a big hole in the middle and a handle so we could hold the hot dishes. Then we had to pour some cold water into the large pan, get the gas dish with the oils in then light it. We had to put the water tub on and the lid. Once the water was hot we could put our frankfurters in. When they were cooked we put them in a bun, squirted lots of ketchup on and ate them. Yum!

Once we had eaten and washed up it was dark so we got out our torches and played cops and robbers around the campsite. It was like hide and seek in the dark.

After this we were all worn out so we put our pyjamas on, had a hot chocolate, brushed our teeth and went to bed.

We talked for a bit before going to sleep.

When we woke up it was VERY early so Freddie and I played top trumps and chatted before it was time to get up. When we could come out of our tents we played games and climbed trees whilst akela cooked breakfast. For breakfast we had cereal, bacon sandwiches and pancakes.  Once we had eaten we had to get out tent tidy ready for a kit inspection. Freddie and I came second.

We were going on a walk that day and we had to make our pack lunch. I made some ham and cheese rolls. Whilst I was making it daddy arrived, he was helping that day.  Our walk was 5 miles we walked to the Oblisk in Windsor Great Park. On the way we saw lots of horses and a polo match. When we stopped for lunch we got to climb lots of trees. Inside one of the trees it looked like Harry Potter land. Robbie climbed really high and I jumped off onto a helipad I had made.

On the way back we had to look for things that began with every letter of the alphabet. I found a bone from a dead animal! There was a massive herd of deer that we had to walk through. Everyone was carrying sticks and we think that made them run away.


Once we had finished our walk we had a drink and some biscuits then some free time to play. I climbed some trees also a funny basketball game where you wear the basket on your head.20160521_160333

For tea we had a delicious spaghetti Bolognese that Akela and Balloo cooked. Daddy helped a bit too. We had our dishes and then played rounders. I scored a home run.


Whilst we were playing rounders some of the dads lit a camp fire for us. So when we had finished we got our torches and camp fire blankets and went and sat round the fire. The fire was really hot and we sang lots of songs like ‘ham and eggs’. When the flames had died down we toasted marshmallows. Some people were setting fire to theirs!

After the fire daddy went home. We were a bit worried as the deer were closer to our tents but by the time we had finished our hot chocolate they had gone.

We did the same routine as the night before then went to bed. In the we morning we got up later. We had sausages for breakfast with cereal and eggy bread and beans.

After breakfast we walked to a statue of a horse. Then when we got back we made catapults. First we got five canes of bamboo, some string, a ping pong ball, elastic bands and a plastic cup. We had to do some special knots which I was really good at around two of the canes. With the other string you had to do a different knot around the other canes. Then using the three canes you had to make one shorter than the other by pushing it down and make them into a triangle shape. Then you put the two canes on top of the three canes and do another knot. Then we had to attach the elastic bands one on each side to the plastic cup the twist the top two canes around. Put the ball into the cup and let go when you are ready to fire. I was really good at it but you had to be careful as sometimes the cups got broken.

After this we had to take the inside of our tent out to dry while we had lunch.  When we took the inside out we saw Freddie had been sleeping on deer poo!  After lunch we had to take the rest of our tent down and pack it away.

We did the flag and I got to lower it. Then my mummy and daddy came came to pick me up. When Rhiannon saw me she gave me a massive hug.

I had a brilliant time and can’t wait for the next one.

Peregrine Falcons in Woking

Grandma sent my parents a link to some peregrine falcons that are nesting in a big box on the tallest building in Woking.  She knew that we would like it because we love birds of prey and nature.  So far on the webcam, I have seen a mummy or daddy in the nest and some cute fluffy chicks cuddling each other in the corner.  Here is a screenshot from 6.30pm.

Woking Peregrines - Internet

This morning we think we saw a peregrine falcon swooping over the Bridge Barn as we walked to school.  I told my friend and my teacher and they both said there are no peregrine falcons in England so this proves I am right 🙂

Click here for a link to the perecam



Weekend Away

For his 40th birthday, my daddy flew to Boston to run the marathon. My mum wanted a bit of peace so we went to granny and grandpas. Granny picked us up on Friday and drove us back to Cricklade.Grandpa could not pick us up because he was at a bus museum. We had fish and chips for tea. On Saturday it was wet, cold and horrible outside so we went to our favourite shop wich is home bargins. At this shop  we could buy whatever we wanted.

So we searched high ad low all over the shelves and I found a LETS PLAY puppet theatre.  We did lots of puppet shows.  Grandpa came back in the evening and we showed him one of the shows.  Then Mummy picked us up the next day and we showed her a show too.  I don’t have any photos to show you.  But I do have photos of Daddy.

Highwire at Hobbledown

A couple of days ago I went to Hobbledown with my cousins.  There is a highwire course where you have to go on small boards and across wobbly bridges very high up.  I haven’t done anything like it before because I was too worried about falling or the rope snapping.  My cousin, Lucy, had been on it before so I knew she’d look after me.  For the first go she went first to show me what to do and on each platform she waited for me to get across.  I liked it a lot so we went on it 6 times in a row before lunch!

While we were doing the course the little ones, because they were too short, were bouncing on the bouncy pillows!  They both cheered us on.

After lunch Mummy and Auntie Helen went on it and they were SO SCARED!  They were very funny and kept hugging the posts so they didn’t fall off.  The course goes past the play equipment and there is window near the highwire ropes.  When we went past Rhiannon and Ben were sitting in there saying hello to us through the mesh!

I hope we can go again one day.